Divisional Champions

Congratulations to Notforthcoming who have won the Division 1 title after a hard fought season.  Roundheads and Nelson's Fifth Column will be relegated to Division 2 next season.

Hoylake LTC have won Division 2, with Clarence also being promoted by finishing in second place.

MIMIR Heats and Semi Finals

In the MQL MIMIR heats, held at Aigburth People's Hall on 16th March 2016, the results were as follows:

(Yellow = qualified in 1st place, silver = qualified in 2nd place)

Round 1
Group 1 Group 5
1 Mark Kerr 13   1 Gill Willett 11
2 Rodney Watkins     9   2 Margaret Howe 10
3 Dag Griffiths 15   3 Bob Parry 7
4 Janet Crompton 10   4 Paul Prior 19
Group 2 Group 6
1 Chris Quinn 12   1 Angela Doyle 10
2 Ian McKie 7   2 Neil Macaskill 12
3 John Hall 16   3 James McGregor 6
4 Andy McGowan 13   4 Bill Gerrard 8
Group 3 Group 7
1 Rod Moore 14   1 Rob Cruise (after tie break) 10
2 John Sticher 14   2 Roy Smith 10
3 David Twigge 7   3 Harry Owen 2
4 Dave Kenrick 10   4 Pat Gibson 19
Group 4 Group 8
1 Brian Thompson 10   1 Stuart Scholes 12
2 Karl Whelan 17   2 Jim Eccleson 13
3 Cliff Houghton 11   3 Keith Mulhearn 9
4 Madeline Evans 9   4 Bill Corlett 4


Round 2
Group 1 Group 3
1 Dag Griffiths (after tiebreak) 13   1 Andy McGowan 11
2 Gill Willet 13   2 Paul Prior 8
3 Rod Moore 15   3 John Stitcher 5
4 Stuart Scholes 12   4 Neil Macaskill 18
Group 2 Group 4
1 John Hall 21   1 Mark Kerr 13
2 Angela Doyle 9   2 Pat Gibson 9
3 Rob Cruise 8   3 Jim Eccleson 11
4 Karl Whelan 15   4 Cliff Houghton 12


Semi Finals

Semi final 1 Semi final 2
1 Rod Moore 13   1 Dag Griffiths 16
2 Karl Whelan 19   2 John Hall 10
3 Neil Macaskill 12   3 Andy McGowan 8
4 Cliff Houghton 7   4 Mark Kerr 13

Mark Kerr will be unable to play in the final, so his place will be taken by the highest scoring third place finisher, who is Neil Macaskill

The final will be held at the MQL Presentation and Finals night, to be held at The sands Hotel, Ainsdale on May 11th 2016.


The heats of the MQL MIMIR competition will take place at Aigburth People's Hall, Liverpool on Wednesday 16th March, beginning at 8.00pm.  The heats will consist of the following matches, with the Wirral players highlighted in yellow:

MQL MIMIR HEATS 16th MARCH 2016      
Group 1     Group 5  
1 Mark Kerr   1 Gill Willett
2 Rodney Watkins   2 Margaret Howe
3 Dag Griffiths   3 Bob Parry
4 Janet Crompton   4 Paul Prior
Group 2     Group 6  
1 Chris Quinn   1 Angela Doyle
2 Ian McKie   2 Kevin Mather
3 John Hall   3 David Smith
4 Andy McGowan   4 Bill Gerrard
Group 3     Group 7  
1 Rod Moore   1 Rob Cruise
2 John Sticher   2 Roy Smith
3 David Twigge   3 Harry Owen
4 John Wilson   4 Pat Gibson
Group 4     Group 8  
1 Brian Thompson   1 Stuart Scholes
2 Karl Whelan   2 Jim Eccleson
3 Cliff Houghton   3 Keith Mulhearn
4 Madeline Evans   4 Colin Foster

Wirral Individual Competition (MIMIR)

The Wirral heats of the Individual MIMIR championships took place at New Brighton Cricket Club on Thursday 18th Feb.

The title was won by Karl Whelan (Hoylake LTC ), with Jim Eccleson (Oxton Cons) finishing second and Rodney Watkins (NBCC) finishing third.  The finalist will go forward into the MQL Mimir competition. The heats of this will take place at a Liverpool venue on March 16th, with the final being held at the MQL presentation night in Southport on May 11th.



Player Looking For a Team

A chap called Mark Fraser is looking to join a team in the Wirral League.  He is an experienced quizzer, having played for teams in the Northern and Liverpool Leagues, and previously played for Wayfarers Cricket Club in the Wirral League.  I was formerly a team mate of his and can vouch for his qualities.

To quote Mark himself - "Fairly wide range - chemistry, biology, medicine, not bad on history, geography and the arts. Know a fair bit of rubbish too"​.

He lives in Prenton and has transport.  Please contact him by email on mark@fraser88.co.uk and let me know if you have offered him a place.

MQL Quizzers on the Telly - Mastermind

Graham Barker of Rainhill Victoria of the Liverpool league appeared on Mastermind on 22nd January,  answering questions on Sir John Gielgud. 


MQL Quizzers on TV - 15 to 1 Grand Final

Alan Gibbs of the Ormskirk League will be appearing in the Grand Final of 15 to 1 on Friday 30th October on Channel 4 at 3.00pm.

Given that it's Halloween,  Alan is expected to wear a truly horrifying shirt.

Alan Gibbs

Charity Sports Quiz Book

“The Really Tricky Sports Quiz Book” has been compiled by David Jenkins and Ian Starkie, based on questions that were devised for the Stone (Staffordshire) Cricket Club Sports Quiz between 2011 and 2014.  The book has 70 rounds of 10 questions with each round being worth between 10 and 38 marks.  In addition, there are 20 tables of sporting facts to be completed throughout the book.  There are 13 different sports covered, although football and cricket have the lion’s share, and several thematic rounds, including decades, managers, geography, captains and birthdays!

Where possible, questions have been devised to stand the test of time but we have used 31st March 2015 as the up-to-date point.  The questions have been designed for groups to have a go at so we suggest that you share them with friends and family.

All profits from the sale of the book will go to two charities:-

  • Katharine House Hospice, based in mid Staffordshire
  • Stroke Association

“The Really Tricky Sports Quiz Book” costs £6.99 or £8.50 including p&p (UK) and is available from The Willows Publishing Co Ltd, 17 The Willows, Stone, Staffordshire ST15 0DE.  Payment can be by cheque or directly into the bank.  For further details contact:-

David Jenkins - jenkins.willows@ntlworld.com Tel 01785 814700

Ian Starkie - ianstarkie@aol.com Tel 01889 271046

They have initially printed 1500 books and we need to sell 400 to cover the printing costs.  To tempt you to buy a copy (or preferably copies!) of “The Really Tricky Sports Quiz Book” here are some sample questions:-

  • Which footballer, whose clubs include Chelsea and Stoke City, came on as a substitute to replace his father in an international against Estonia in 1996?
  • Three Indians have scored more than 2000 test runs and taken over 200 Test wickets.  Who are they?
  • Five golfers have represented Team USA 8 or more times in the Ryder Cup. Two of them made their first appearance in the 60s, one in the 70s and two in the 90s. Name them.
  • Since the Second World War, which three Great Britain athletes have won Olympic medals in the Men’s triple jump?
  • Who is the only woman to have won 8 grand slam singles titles as a teenager?
  • Which circuit has hosted the most Formula 1 grand prix – 64 – missing only one year between 1950 and 2014?

Only Connect

On 24th August, John Stitcher appeared on BBC 2's Only Connect as a member of The Athenians.

The Athenians

September Fixtures Posted

The fixtures for September have been posted in the fixtures calendar, and on each team's page.

The full fixture list will be revealed at the Presentation Evening at the end of September when the league handbooks are distributed.

For the new season, Norman and the Noddies have renamed themselves "Not Forthcoming" and will play their matches on a Monday night at The Stork Hotel.

St Laurence's are now called "Nelson's Fifth Column" and will now play at The Heather Brow.

Irby Nomads have changed their venue to Thingwall Recreation Centre.

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