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16/09/2012 23:29:57
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Weekly results

Congratulations on the excellent new website. It's been well worth the wait. Just one thought. Now we are a couple of weeks into the new season is there any chance of replacing last season's results and league tables with updated information for the current season. I received a weekly update by email in the past but so far this season am only receiving one for the First Division. As I play  in the Second Division it would be interesting to know how everyone is doing on a regular basis. Alternatively any chance of the emails being restarted?

03/10/2012 15:55:27
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Re: Weekly results

The website is now being updated with results each week. These results are also distributed by email for each division. For Div2, please contact Dave Lawson email and he will add you to the distribution list.

Regards, Steve

09/11/2012 16:22:03
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Re: Weekly results

I get the results by email at the same time as everyone else, and try to get them on the website the same day if I can.  Occasionally other commitments get in the way, but I try get them on within 24 hours of receipt.

I must say that I am impressed with the speed that Wirral teams get their results in - I often get my copy on the Wednesday of the same week - much better that the Liverpool and Warrington leagues!

Chris Quinn - Website admin