Gladly Stoned

Rose and Crown,
57 The Village,
CH63 8TA
Tel: 0151 644 5829

Sec: Martin Kay,
6 Lingdale Avenue,
CH43 8TH
Tel: 0151 513 6865

Home matches are played on Tuesday nights




Clarence Hotel, Wallasey


Rose and Crown
Fixture DateOppositionFAVenue
04/10/2021Roundheads  H
12/10/2021Legionnaires  A
18/10/2021Wallaseyans  H
26/10/2021Hoylake LTC  A
01/11/2021Thingwall  H
08/11/2021Soapsuds  A
15/11/2021Oxton Conservatives  H
22/11/2021No Game  H
29/11/2021Extras  A
06/12/2021The Gaza Oilmen  H
13/12/2021No Game  H
10/01/2022Roundheads  A
17/01/2022Legionnaires  H
24/01/2022Wallaseyans  A
31/01/2022Hoylake LTC  H
07/02/2022Thingwall  A
14/02/2022Soapsuds  H
21/02/2022Oxton Conservatives  A
28/02/2022No Game  A
07/03/2022Extras  H
14/03/2022The Gaza Oilmen  A
21/03/2022No Game  A