Lever Club

The Pavilion,
Greendale Road,
Port Sunlight
CH62 4XB
Tel: 0151 645 5668

Sec: Patrick Regan,
8 Ledbury Close,
CH43 0UJ
Tel: 0151 608 6146

Email: pjmregan@gmail.com

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Lever Club, Port Sunlight


Lever Club
Fixture DateOppositionFAVenue
04/09/2017Bebington Hockey1431H
19/09/2017Cheshire Cheese3332A
10/10/2017Magpies  A
16/10/2017Soapsuds  H
23/10/2017Early Doors  H
30/10/2017Nelson's Fifth Column  A
06/11/2017Our Lady's  A
13/11/2017Wallaseyans  H
20/11/2017Free Week  H
27/11/2017Irby Nomads  H
04/12/2017Bebington Hockey  A
11/12/2017Roundheads  H
08/01/2018Cheshire Cheese  H
15/01/2018Aardvarks  A
22/01/2018Browns  H
29/01/2018Magpies  H
05/02/2018Soapsuds  A
13/02/2018Early Doors  A
19/02/2018Nelson's Fifth Column  H
26/02/2018Our Lady's  H
05/03/2018Wallaseyans  A
12/03/2018Free Week  A
19/03/2018Irby Nomads  A