Nelson's Fifth Column

The Queen's Hotel
1 Park Road
East Birkenhead
CH41 1BB

Sec: Michael McDonough,
49 Park Rd East,
CH41 4BB
Tel: 0151 647 0324


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Queen's Hotel


The Queens Hotel
Fixture DateOppositionFAVenue
04/10/2021Shipwrecked  H
12/10/2021McKie's Magpies  A
18/10/2021Aardvarks  H
25/10/2021No Game  H
01/11/2021Taxes  A
08/11/2021Plasterers Arms  H
16/11/2021The Gasworks Gang  A
22/11/2021Clarence  H
29/11/2021Browns  A
06/12/2021Lever Club  H
13/12/2021Our Lady's  A
11/01/2022Shipwrecked  A
17/01/2022McKie's Magpies  H
24/01/2022Aardvarks  A
31/01/2022No Game  A
07/02/2022Taxes  H
15/02/2022Plasterers Arms  A
21/02/2022The Gasworks Gang  H
28/02/2022Clarence  A
07/03/2022Browns  H
14/03/2022Lever Club  A
21/03/2022Our Lady's  H